Schedule a financial aid conversation with Anna Platt

    Do you have questions about your financial aid package? Now is the time to get them answered!

    Set a time for me to talk through your financial aid package with you and the people helping you make your college decision. During our conversation, we will:
    • Walk through your package 
    • Calculate your total cost 
    • Compare with your other financial aid packages
    • Answer any questions you have

    Click on a day on the calendar to see all available appointments for that date. These conversations can happen in-person on Agnes Scott's campus or over the phone.

    Please note that appointment times beginning at 6:00 p.m. may only occur over the phone. All appointment times are in the EASTERN TIME ZONE (GMT-5).

    If you have questions about these conversations, or if none of the appointment times fit your schedule, please call Anna Platt at 404-471-6287.
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